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About The Academy

The Kitchen academy blends the character of ambience, education, food and laughter. The academy provides three specialised classes for women, children and nannies. Learning new recipes, making new friends and eating is some of what goes on at Loulous Kitchen.

My message to all women who want to become professional chef is to go ahead… With lots of perseverance and commitment you will reach your goal. It has a lot of potential as it is booming in the Saudi Arabia at the moment.


The kitchen, where the classes take place, is state of the art. The cooking area is spacious and modern but maintains a cosy and comforting feel. Louloua’s dream of the academy was born at home and it is evident.The kitchen houses a walk-in freezer, holding fresh ingredients for the upcoming classes where student collect their ingredients trays. This space is ideal for perfecting and honing your skills.

The introduction of each class is spent with Chef Louloua teaching the students about each dish, learning about the ingredients, the culture, and focusing on going into detail on the techniques required.

As part of the learning experience Chef Louloua demonstrates how each dishes should be made, whilst giving step-by-step instructions- making her methods and techniques easy to follow.

Students will be required to take notes during this stage to further equip them before they try to recreate the dishes.

With ongoing guidance throughout the workshop Louloua presence is there to act as a mentor to help and guide your cooking experience from beginning to end. The most important step to remember is, have fun and enjoy the process!