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Louloua El Ezzah is an accomplished Saudi chef with a personal mission to bring fun, warmth and entertainment to cooking. She may have already been a local celebrity within Jeddah, but her name became known nationwide when she appeared on Top Chef Middle East in 2010. Since then, Louloua has further expanded her kitchen into the budding business it is today.

Sharing food is sharing happiness.


Cooking has always been an integral part of Louloua’s life but not always an entrepreneurial option. The dream wasn’t conjured until after she started to cook for her children, create recipes and experiment with food more. She began to work on food-related projects with various brands and even admits, the title of ‘chef’ found her and not the other way around.

Although the title found Louloua, society found it hard to see her the same way at first. The perception of her profession was that of a cook rather than a chef. Despite stigma and criticisms, she endured, persisted and developed Loulou’s Kitchen into the culinary experience it is today- offering classes and expertise from cuisines around the world.

Chef El Ezzah still works with brands on cooking projects too.