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The Academy

Loulou’s Kitchen is a professional Jeddah based cooking school in Saudi Arabia. We blend the education of learning to cook different cuisines from around the world with different styles and techniques of cooking. The academy brings the fun and experience of an ambient kitchen where you meet new people, make new friends, and create memorable moments.

The academy is designed to bring out the passion and excitement in cooking. From the marketplace to the plate and onto your palette- each and every class is an experience. Whether you are a culinary novice or a ‘seasoned’ veteran, there is always something new for you to learn at Loulou’s Kitchen.

“Experience the art of cooking”

Upcoming Workshops

Louloua personally teaches all of the workshops. She demonstrates how the dishes should be made, whilst giving step-by-step instructions- making her methods and techniques easy to follow. You will have the chance to take notes on the recipe before you try to recreate the meal yourself. Don’t worry, Louloua will be present to help and guide your cooking experience from beginning to end. The most important step to remember is, have fun and enjoy the process!



A chef, an influencer and prominent personality throughout Jeddah

Louloua El Ezzah is an expert chef with an appetite for exploring cuisines and using it to bring people together. After reaching the final four of Top Chef Middle East, Louloua now uses the spotlight to promote her kitchen and classes across Saudi Arabia. She works on projects with various brands and admits, the title of ‘chef’ found her and not the other way around.





Whisk the olive oil ,lemon juice together , add the shallots and garlic to make a dressing.


Salmon Linguine Recipe

Preheat the oven and place the salmon in a baking tin. Drizzle with oil.


Chicken Drumsticks with Sesame

Mix all the ingredients together except the sesame in a bowl refrigerate 24 hours.